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Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona State

When it comes to desert plants, we usually think of cacti and cacti full of thorns. In addition, other desert plants are really unclear. In the United States, there is a special arboretum with desert plants, which is called desert Arboretum. The botanical garden is located in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. Founded in 1937, it covers 140 acres and is the largest desert botanical garden in the world.

There are more than 4000 species in the desert botanical garden, more than 21000 desert plants, one third of which are locally owned, 139 of which are rare, threatened or endangered. The plants in the park come from Australia, South America and California peninsula, especially Cactaceae, Gentianaceae and aloe. There are more than 1350 different taxa in cactus collection. Each kind of plant in the garden will have a corresponding introduction board, which is convenient for tourists to deepen their understanding. Flowing water will be found everywhere in the garden, providing a trace of cool for desert plants.

In the desert botanical garden, we can not only see the strange desert plants, but also see the desert animals with desert plants as the food source, including hummingbirds, butterflies, cuckoos, rodents, etc.

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