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The grand Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

The Florida Islands National Marine Reserve is located in the Florida reef group of Florida. It was established in 1990 and covers an area of 9600 square kilometers. It goes deep into the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. It is famous for its Florida atolls. The Florida atoll in the reserve is the largest living coral reef in the United States and the third largest living coral reef in the world.

The nature reserve covers a large area of seaweed, which is essential to the coral reef ecosystem. Therefore, it has become a world-famous sea grass land. More than 6000 kinds of marine life live in the reserve. While protecting marine life, the reserve also protects the important historical heritage of the country, because it is an important archaeological area and is also the place where many ships died. A large number of historical objects are left here. The reserve provides many optional sports for tourists, such as diving, swimming, fishing, etc., but the premise is not to damage the natural ecological environment of this area. Every year, more than four million tourists come from all directions to dive in the Florida Islands National Marine Reserve, looking for coral reefs and sunken ships.

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