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Have you been to Wind Rock Reserve?

Founded in 1969, Wind Rock Reserve, located on Jupiter Island in Martin County, Florida, protects 73 acres of the island, stretching from the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian River lagoon. The largest attraction is the limestone landform known as "Wind Rock" about a mile from north to south.

The Fengyan Reserve mainly showcases the landscape of South Florida's Weir Island a century ago, and also protects the flora and fauna of the area. Wind rocks in the reserve are formed by the long-term erosion of rocks by sea water. Under the double impact of extremely high waves and severe winter storms caused by sea breeze, sea water lashes against rocks on the coast. Because of the blockage of rocks, the sea water is forced to reach 50 feet high, forming a rare world wonder. When the waves receded, the wind and rock became incomplete and uneven.

Some threatened or rare animals and plants are also located in the reserve, including mangroves, Sargassum, seashore oatmeal and other plants, as well as manatees, leatherback turtles, red turtles and green turtles.

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