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Riding Town: celebration town

The celebration town is a very livable town built by Disney. The celebrated town of elegance has a taste of the familiar home, the rich history of the town, the picturesque community, and every million dollar mansion. Here is our dream home in that dream.

Riding a bicycle, through the long wooden path along the cliff, a turn into a fairy tale Town, celebration town. There are many different kinds of decorations for renting bicycles. Bite chegulu crocodile, with a hat, do not know if the local people respect for wild animal; iron dog, were placed in front of a bowl, do not know will not have really to eat and drink the dog.

The celebration town is very quiet, the time here is like static. Rent a carport is very simple, but very professional staff for your bicycle to debug the best condition. Good air is the first element of riding. Orlando, the best air quality year after year, is the best place to ride. In the town, you can also see local people riding here.

There is a clear river separating the riding road and the small town. The picturesque community gave me a feeling of being out of the world. No matter where you stand and how many angles you change, it's beautiful!

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