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BancFirst Corporation (NASDAQ: BANF), founded in 1966, formerly known as the United Community Corporation, changed its current name in November 1988. In 1993, it launched an IPO on Nasdaq, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. It is a bank holding company. Through controlling BancFirst, it is a retail customer and a middle company. Small businesses provide a range of commercial banking services and are Oklahoma's largest state chartered bank.

BancFirst Corporation operates in three sectors: Metropolitan Banks, Community Banks and Other Financial Services.

BancFirst Bank provides a range of deposit services, including checking accounts, transferable orders for withdrawal accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, liquidation accounts, club accounts, personal retirement accounts and deposit certificates, as well as overdraft protection and automatic draft services.

BancFirst Corporation also provides a variety of loan products, such as commercial loans, including commercial mortgages, asset financing, liquidity credit lines and small business management guaranteed loans; consumer loans for automobiles, real estate and other personal loans; housing loans for non-metropolitan areas; and agricultural loans.

In addition, BancFirst Banking Corporation is engaged in investment management and trust management for individual, enterprise and employee welfare plans, as well as bond trustees and payment agents for Oklahoma municipal and government agencies, and provides project processing, research and other agency banking services to financial institutions and government units.

In addition, BancFirst Corporation also covers real estate investment and insurance agency services, and provides financial transfers, receipts, deposit boxes, cash management, retail brokerage services and other services for individuals and corporate customers.

BancFirst Corporation serves customers in non-metropolitan trading centers and Oklahoma City, serving 53 communities in Oklahoma through 99 banking outlets.

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