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The most continuous three sisters volcanoes

Located in Oregon, the three sisters volcanoes are the three volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains. They are called North Sister volcano, middle sister volcano and South sister volcano. They are 3074 m and 3062 m high respectively and 3159 m in height. They are the fourth, fifth and third highest peaks in Oregon. From north to south, the first settlers named them faith, hope and charity.

The northern sister volcano is the oldest volcano in the three sisters mountain. It has not erupted since the last century. Due to the frequent falling of rocks, it is the most difficult to climb among the three peaks. The last eruption of zhongsister volcano was 50000 years ago. There is no trace of eruption so far. It is considered to be an extinct volcano. The southern sister volcano is the youngest volcano, no more than 50000 years old. It is also the highest volcano among the three sisters. Its latest eruption was 2000 years ago, forming a peak crater with a diameter of 0.4 meters, thus forming a crater lake.

Three sisters volcano with its beautiful posture in front of people, they used to be very active, but now calm down and silently gaze at this pure land. They become the object of people's climbing, people want to climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery below.

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