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The beautiful Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls State Park is located in the northeast of Hamakua coast, northeast of Hawaii's Big Island, about 11 kilometers away from the famous city of Hilo. It is named after Akaka falls in the park. Akaka has the meaning of "splitting and bursting" in Hawaiian language, which means the characteristics of the waterfall, such as male, strange and dangerous.

The pleasant mountain hike is about 0.4 miles (0.6 kilometers) long, traversing a lush rainforest of wild orchids, bamboo forests and ferns.

Enter Akaka Falls State Park and walk through the lush rainforest of wild orchids, bamboo groves and ferns. In a short time, you will see Kahuna falls, which is 100 feet high and is surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. Keep going, and you can hear the sound of the water not far away. This is the towering Akaka waterfall. It is 442 feet high. It is like a huge water curtain hanging on the cliff. The crystal water drops are beating the stones in the pool under the waterfall from time to time. It is said that Akaka falls is the most spectacular waterfall on the big island of Hawaii, so it has attracted tourists from all over the world.

The beautiful Akaka falls are perhaps the most famous waterfall on the big island. It's a very easy hike in less than an hour.

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