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Go to kalapana and watch the volcanoes in Hawaii

Kalapana is an ancient and quiet town located in Puna District, the big island of Hawaii. It is famous for being the best place to watch the volcanoes in Hawaii. Thousands of tourists come here to watch the volcano every day.

Kalapana is east of the Hawaiian volcanoes national park, where you can see the mouth of Kilauea volcano, the most active eruption site of the volcano. In 1990, lava from Kilauea volcano flooded karapana and the nearby famous black sand beach. Today, it is a brand-new coastal town with modern charm everywhere. Only a few traces of once prosperous towns can be seen. In March 2009, kalapana set up a volcano view to provide visitors with the safest place to view lava flows at close range. However, tourists should pay attention to the fact that the newly formed beach and land area around the volcano is very unstable. Tourists must follow the signs and play in the specified areas to ensure their own safety.

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