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  • 1.Have you gone to Molokini Crater?
  • 2.About Iao Valley
  • 3.About Maluokai Island
  • 4.The origin of Hawaii Hula
  • 5.Honolulu’s climate characteristics
  • 6.The zip code for Honolulu
  • 7.Paia town in Hawaii State
  • 8.Hana Highway
  • 9.The Swap Meet in University of Hawaii at Maui
  • 10.Lahaina
  • 11.Makena Beach
  • 12.Maui whale watching
  • 13.Polynesian Cultural Center
  • 14.The restaurant with "long" name in Hawaii State
  • 15.The agricultural in Hawaii State
  • 16.The name sources for Hawaii State
  • 17.Why is Hawaii called as "sugar island"?
  • 18.Hawaii developed tourism industry
  • 19.Hawaii special state fish: Rhinecanthus rectangulus
  • 20.Hawaii’s agriculture, industry and tourism Industry
  • 21.The transport facilities in Hawaii State
  • 22.The Foreign investment in Hawaii
  • 23.About Hawaiian green sea turtles
  • 24.Hawaii’s uniqueness
  • 25.What is the delicous food in Hawaii?
  • 26.Hawaii’s major industries
  • 27.Hawaii location
  • 28.The happiest state in USA: Hawaii
  • 29.The beautiful City: Hilo
  • 30.Hawaii’s four major characteristics
  • 31.Do you know 25 cents commemorative coins for Hawaii State?
  • 32.Hawaii’s climate characteristics
  • 33.The county seat for counties in Hawaii State
  • 34.How many counties in Hawaii State?
  • 35.How much states was the united states?
  • 36.The Well-known attractions in Honolulu
  • 37.The attractions in Hawaii
  • 38.Hawai’i Preparatory Academy
  • 39.Let your heart to fly in Hawaii
  • 40.Do you know Hawaii monthly festivals?
  • 41.The delicious food in Hawaii State
  • 42.About Kauai Sands Hotel
  • 43.The indigenous people of the island: Niihau Island
  • 44.How much do you know about Kauai Island?
  • 45.About University of Hawaii
  • 46.About Kailua Beach
  • 47.The 10 secrets about Hawaii
  • 48.The brief introduction about Lihue
  • 49.The brief introduction to Hawaii Coffee Company
  • 50.What’s the best time to visit Hawaii?
  • 51.What need to pay attention when travels in Hawaii?
  • 52.The introduction to Hawaii’s religious beliefs
  • 53.The unique places of Hawaii’s State
  • 54.The state flag of Hawaii State
  • 55.Lanai: privately owned garden
  • 56.Hawaii’s lovely beachs
  • 57.The big Events in Hawaii
  • 58.Hawaii’s capital: Honolulu
  • 59.Hawaii History
  • 60.Hawaii’s major cities and counties
  • 61.Islands State - Hawaii

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