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Start your adventure in Finn bank. There are different forms of dinosaurs, active animals, cultural artifacts, interactive scientific experience and an outdoor exploration site of more than 30 hectares. The new giant screen will bring you a visual feast of "larger-than-life", all of which will be presented in 2D or 3D.

Vern Bank Fernbank Museum of Natural History opened to the public in 1992. It not only shows the evolution of the natural history of Georgia, but also uses modern scientific and technological means to show some scientific and technological phenomena. Through the natural landscape of Georgia today to explore the development of the earth's life, communicate with all cultures around the world". In addition, Finn bank in the Museum of natural history, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the five storey IMAX film. As early as the end of the nineteenth Century, a man named Emily Harrison (Emily Harrison) is the nature lover known as "Finn bank" grew up in a place east of Atlanta. In 1938, Harrison and other people together for the Finn bank rules, and purchased 70 acres of woodland, the Finn bank official now at the natural history museum is located. In 1964, Finn bank custodian and de cabo County School (DeKalb County School System system) with the creation of the Finn Bank Science Center (Fernbank Science Center), they want to take the Vern Bank resources and public share. In 1989, construction began on October 5, 1992; Finn bank, the natural history museum opened to the public. The IMAX theater in the museum is a bright spot. All of the movies will be played on a giant screen with a height of five floors and 22 meters wide, and the film will be replaced throughout the year. Visitors can experience completely different perceptions here.

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