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The magical Lunch Box Museum

In this magical country of America, no matter what kind of museums you find, it's not surprising because there are so many amazing museums in America. Surprisingly, there is a museum dedicated to lunch boxes in the United States, and it is the largest Lunch Box Museum in the world.

In the 1950s and 1980s, iron lunch boxes were essential for every American student to go to school. They contained lunch or fruits they liked to eat. If there are more beautiful or strange patterns on the lunch box, they will attract the attention of students. Unfortunately, after the 1980s, iron lunch boxes were replaced by plastic lunch boxes and stepped off the stage of history. Located in Columbus, Georgia, the lunch box museum was founded by Allen woodall, who began collecting these forgotten iron lunch boxes in the 1980s, and collected thousands of lunch boxes, each with different characters representing different cultures.

Allen woodall is the owner of the river market thrift shop. Twenty five years ago, he found two old lunch boxes at a junk market in Atlanta, Georgia. In a flash, the lunch box aroused his childhood memories. He not only bought the two lunch boxes, but also searched for the old lunch boxes with enchantment. Finally, he spent 25 years collecting more than 2000 lunch boxes from the 1940s to the 1980s, claiming to be the most complete collection in the world today. These lunch boxes are lined up in the attic of the river market thrift shop, and anyone can visit them.

The museum mainly collects iron lunch boxes. The most important thing is that these lunch boxes are painted with different patterns, including Superman, biochemical warriors, transformers, and thunderbolt Rangers. They were well-known figures in popular movies, TV dramas or cartoons at that time, reflecting the popular culture of the society at that time.

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