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Let’s go to Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a city park located in Atlanta. It was established in 1895 and covers 189 acres. It has been the competitive center, sports center and entertainment center of Atlanta for many years, which is comparable with the Central Park of New York City.

There are several elegant trails in the park, which are very suitable for walking, jogging, cycling and skating in tandem. They are very popular among sports enthusiasts. Every weekend in the afternoon, skateboarders and tandem skaters share this entertainment space and show their most beautiful body posture to the audience. The picnics area in the park is also popular, providing visitors with a variety of picnic tables, stools, garbage cans, providing the most thoughtful service. Piedmont Park is a favorite of sports lovers. It has a tennis center, swimming center, softball court, football field, beach volleyball court and so on.

Of course, people who love fishing can also find a space of their own in pidermont park. The lake in the park has large mouth bass, small turnover fish, carp and catfish, which are specially provided for anglers.

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