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The largest musical instrument Museum in the world:Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum

Founded in 2010, Phoenix Musical Instruments Museum covers an area of 190000 square feet. It takes four years and costs US $250 million to build. It is the largest Instrument Museum in the world. It gathers instruments from more than 200 countries and regions here. It is like a world and paradise of instruments and is loved by musicians and instrument lovers.

The appearance of Phoenix musical instrument museum not only reflects the unique architectural features of the southwest of the United States, but also reflects the world style of the museum, showing the design concept of cross-cultural integration. This beautifully designed musical instrument Museum has a collection of 15000 musical instruments, divided into five exhibition halls on five continents of the world. Each hall uses advanced wireless technology and high-resolution video system, so that visitors can fully understand the performance effect of acoustic instruments in terms of appearance, sound quality, etc. Every musical instrument in the museum often has a "long history" story with the world-famous musical instrument performers. The museum also displays concert scripts, recording and editing materials, props and other monumental exhibits.

The museum provides a unique experience for music and instrument lovers, professionals, tourists, scholars, children and other groups to come here in this new way to observe, listen to and experience the powerful power behind music and the special charm of uniting people's hearts.

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