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The place worth to going:Raleigh City Museum

Located in an ancient building on Fayetteville street, Raleigh city museum began its first exhibition in 1993. It is a museum focusing on the history of Raleigh. Beth Crabtree, a local historian, has long wanted to build a museum of history, which was only realized after her death.

The museum aims to protect Raleigh's past for the future, collect and protect culture, and provide educational programs for the public so that more people can understand the history of Raleigh. The main exhibitions of the museum include "let's move forward - Raleigh's fight for civil rights", "Raleigh starts from 1000 acres" and "Raleigh City flag - lost and found". "Let's move forward - Raleigh's way to fight for civil rights" mainly describes the struggle and great changes in Raleigh city from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s. Do you know Raleigh is one of 450 cities with flags in the world? How did Raleigh's flag come into being, who designed it, and what did it mean? This series of questions will be answered in "Raleigh City flag - lost and found.".

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