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Land of Lincoln - Illinois

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Land of Lincoln - Illinois

Name: Illinois
Alias: "Land of Lincoln"
Location: United States
Location: 36 ° 58'N 42 ° 30'N 87 ° 30'W
Area: 149,998
Population: 1242 million (2000)
Created: February 3, 1809
Zip Code: IL
Specialties: corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, milk, wheat
Well-known industry: coal, oil, lead, zinc, limestone, glass sand

State capital is Springfield (Springfield), in the western population of ninety thousand. The northeast corner of the state Metropolitan Chicago, Lake Michigan shore, according to statistics in recent years, three hundred and thirty million people, nearly seven large urban Hong million for the U.S. second largest city. North of Chicago, through St. Lawrence Hohai Road, up the Atlantic Ocean; south through the Mississippi River, up the Gulf of Mexico. It has rivers, lakes, sea and three routes. The three city airports, taking off and landing every year the number of visitors, more than three million. Chicago is the machinery manufacturing center, the center is the most important agricultural machinery. City's tallest building, called the Sears Tower Sears Building, there are one hundred and ten floors high and one, four hundred and fifty feet, the tallest building in the United States (New York World Trade Center Building, only one, three hundred and fifty feet high).
State colleges and universities have one hundred and forty. The most famous is the University of Illinois, founded in 1867, located at Urbana, the number of students more than forty thousand.

State characteristics are two: First, in the Great Lakes region has the largest lake in Hong Kong. Great Lakes region a total of more than seventy Lake Harbour. One of the biggest is the Chicago Chicago, import and export goods million □, among Hong Kong in the lake, out first. Second, the state two-thirds of the population, live in downtown Chicago, suburbs and satellite towns within the vicinity.
There are two features of state agriculture: (A) maize yield significantly, and Iowa the same. The two states of the U.S. corn yield up to the state. (B) state within the state of soybean production in the first column. According to statistics, the state of agricultural GDP, one million U.S. dollars, second only to California in second place. Bituminous coal and oil and other minerals, some billion U.S. dollars. Industrial products worth about two hundred and thirty billion dollars. Illinois is an affluent state.

The state is flat, with an average elevation of 182 meters from north to south tilt. Northwest higher, gentle rolling hills. The highest point of the whole territory of 378 m above sea level, for the northwest corner of the mound with Charles. Northern and central very fertile black soil, one of the world's best farmland. The surface layer of glacial deposits are thick, called the moraine layer. Quaternary, the northern and central North America, continental glaciers occurred. When glaciers southward, to eclipse the state level most of the ground, like the bottom pan. After the disappearance of glaciers, sediment entrained within the ice stones piled on the ground, as tills, like a round cake spread on the bottom of the pot surface. Glaciers in the northwest corner of the state and state to avoid the southern border of two hills, this area did not suffer the destruction of continental glaciers. Marion hill near the southern area of ​​the continental ice bound into southern Sichuan. South of Cairo, the southern tip of Hong Kong banks were not ice the plane eclipse. In addition to the northwest corner and southern end of a large hill outside the region, have suffered thousands of years of continental glaciers tens of thousands of years. A temperate climate, cold and snowy winter, hot summer. Average winter temperature in the north to -6 ℃, south 3 ℃; average summer temperature of 21 and 25 ℃. Average annual precipitation of 800 to 1,200 mm in northern, southern 1200 to 1600 mm. Southern growing season is 210 days, the most northern part of 160 days only.

Major agricultural products in Illinois, including corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, dairy products and wheat. Industrial products include machinery, food processing, electrical equipment, chemical products, publishing and printing, transport equipment, petroleum refining and coal.
The state is one of the nation's leading agricultural state. 80% of the state of the land to agricultural land. Cultivation of 140 hectares per household on average (about 2,100 acres) of farmland. Soybean output ranks first in the country; corn production is sometimes occupied the first and sometimes second place; pork and beef production always make the best. Illinois is not just an agricultural state, it is more developed industries. In 1999, the state's GDP was 446 billion U.S. dollars, ranked the nation's No. 4. Per capita income of $ 32,259. Industry concentrated in Chicago. Main minerals are coal, oil, lead, zinc, limestone and glass sand. Coal production ranks fourth in the country, ranking eighth in the oil. In recent years, rapid development of nuclear power plants. As close to the iron ore producing area, accessibility, hair iron and steel industry
The rapid development of Chicago in recent years has been replaced by the Pittsburgh Steel have become the largest iron and steel industry center. Mechanical industrial development. Agricultural machinery, construction machinery and metal products production in the state of the crown; motor output ranked third; auto industry is also very important, 55 million workers engaged in the manufacture and assembly of motor vehicles. Second only to California, the food industry. Printing and publishing industry after New York State, ranking second.
Manufacturing, agriculture and export trade in the U.S. economy an important role. Manufacturing wide range, mainly iron and steel, agricultural machinery, metal processing, electronics, and petrochemicals, oil refining, chemical and other, mainly in the city of Chicago and East St. Louis. Coal mining industry, petroleum prominent place, the state's mineral production value of about 2 / 3 of coal is mainly distributed in central and southern states, the oil located in the south. Other mineral resources of lead, zinc, limestone and glass sand. The state farm land area of ​​about 4 / 5, is the Corn Belt, is the major U.S. corn and soybean production in one state, soybean and corn production ranks first in the country. Upstate cheese production accounted for 40% of the country, second only to livestock in the pork production in Iowa, in second place, mainly in central and north-west. Beef and lamb also ranks first in the country, mainly in the south.

Religion, unlike the other Midwestern states of Illinois, the state (an important proportion of Protestants), and only half of the population is Protestant, Roman Catholic proportion is about one-third are located in the Chicago metropolitan area around. Proportion of the population of faith:
51% Protestant
33% Roman Catholic
1% Other Christian
3% Other Religions
8% Non-Religious
Illinois, the top three Protestants: Baptist: 15%, Lutheran: 5%, Methodist: 8%.

Major cities
Oak Lawn
De Kalb
Rock Island
Terre Haute, Indiana
East St Louis
Paducah, Kentucky

Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1891, due to the blend of art treasures from around the world enjoyed a high reputation, both as the world's oldest art galleries, is one of today's one of the three major U.S. museum. Five thousand years of museum collections, art treasures on five continents aspect, especially the French Impressionists world-renowned masterpiece, Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh and other great master of the priceless masterpiece, and even on both sides entrenched in the door bronze lion statue has become a symbol of Zhicheng. The main entrance of the museum entrance facing South Michigan Avenue, Museum of Victorian appearance. The Museum was built in 1891. The museum is huge, in 10 exhibition halls, a total collection of more than 300,000 exhibits. Collection of European, American and Oriental sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings, decorative arts, as well as photography and African art and pre-Columbian American art. Academy of Fine Arts also has, Ryerson Library and Burnham Library). Goodman Theatre, founded in 1925), Chicago Opera staged productions (since 1977); from 1939 to 1978 the museum managed by the Goodman Theatre School at DePaul in 1979 became the University of Chicago (De Paul) of a college.

Brookfield Zoo
The official name of the Brookfield Zoo Chicago Zoological Park.
Built in 1934, with its large open space known. Park site is located in the southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, West Brookfield, covers an area of ​​83 hectares (204 acres). Italian-style country park buildings and tidy street. This inland park display of dolphins and their children particularly popular zoo. Exhibited between 1937 and 1953 the three giant pandas are famous. Dole raising sheep in the zoo (Dall sheep) and processing Okapi (okapi) outcome of the prominent, also received ungulates, kangaroos, and baboons and other African primates. More than 500 kinds of animals, the total number of about 2,300 only.

The Field Museum of Natural History
The Field Museum of Natural History is a huge grand, solemn and elegant old buildings, featured, and a collection of mummies from Egypt to China Tibetan costumes, dinosaur skeletons from the prehistoric to the original construction and other rare American treasures, reproduced in chronological order the evolution of man and nature thousands of years evolution, called the variety of the world's most complete and largest of the biological museum;
Field Museum was first established in September 1893, has the museum has collected more than two thousand million known species and human samples, a large number of exhibitions organized each year, research and education programs, the museum's natural history library collection of 250,000 . Every night, the Field Museum exhibits the more people feel in somewhat hazy mystery.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE)
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Illinois at Chicago
Illinois Institute of Technology
Loyola University
DePaul University
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Roosevelt University Rush University

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