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The Enlightenment of American garage shopping mall

The Enlightenment of American garage shopping mall

I visited a number of garage shopping malls, also bought a few old things. I was surprised at the mall owner "eccentric", the huge garage, senior housing, they are poor, and some can be quite rich, how afraid of embarrassment in front of their own small business to start it?

If in the mainland, even more poor people, there are few things to the old stalls sell, for fear of making a fool of the future face where to put it! Even if there were piles of books, must also be sold on the pounds of waste collection, and they are according to the price, even a few cents to care about this, no style?

I learned later that they sell these small things is fun at first, they have so many small things, he decided to sell the price, dealing with customers to do business, it tasted the taste of the boss. Secondly, they feel proud, that is a good move, they do not need to put out to sell things, others may need to help others, so as to solve the difficulties, Why not?! Of course, the money is good for a little money; money earned more than the results of the big, big effect!

We look for inspiration: the mall garage should be brave enough to do without looking after Gu; focuses on part, this is the process to realize their own value; even the rich, also should be very careful in reckoning, good financial management.

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