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Flame Valley State Park, the oldest national park in Nevada, was established in 1935 and covers an area of 14,120 hectares. The reason why it is called Flame Valley is that the Mesozoic red sandstone in the valley, which exposes a large area of the surface, will refract red like fire in the sunshine and look like a burning valley from afar. The Park mainly looks at the geological scenery. Because of wind erosion and other reasons, all kinds of stones have formed various shapes, which are very spectacular.

Sandstone, which has been eroded by wind and rain for millions of years, is filled with valleys in strange shapes, just as the red of Flame Valley really seems to be burning. The desert wind continuously blows the red sandstone in this place, forming a peculiar stone shape. According to textual research, this place was once regarded as a sacred place by the native Indians, so there are still many murals on the red sandstone. The contents of the murals include the life of the Indians and the changes of nature at that time. Some murals have a history of 8000 years.

There are very few plants in the park. They are basically stones, but they are very interesting. The park is dominated by stone attractions. It has special features. It's mainly about geography and rocks, all kinds of strange rocks!

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