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About Lincoln Memorial

About Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is in honor of US President Abraham Lincoln built. Lincoln Emancipation made great achievements, he was stabbed to death on April 14, 1865. Memorial broke ground in 1914, completed in 1922.
It is an antique Greek Parthenon-style classical building, 118 feet east to west, north-south width of 188 feet, 80 feet tall, 36 ancient white marble columns support the Memorial. Memorial center is a 19 feet high statue of Lincoln, on the left-hand side wall engraved with the statue of Lincoln speeches during the second presidency of the five elements of Chinese characters carved on the cliff behind: "In this temple, as in hearts of the people, for the people, and he saved the union. for Abraham Lincoln memorial forever. "

Enter the Memorial, the face in the middle is a marble statue of Lincoln, like 5.8 meters high, by the sculptor Daniel Chester · Flange Qu (Danial Chester French) design sculpture. After the statue is an inscription above the ── "Lincoln will endure forever, forever the people at heart." Seated on the left side of the wall, engraved with the re-election of President Lincoln's speeches when; right side, then carved the famous Gettysburg Address (Gettysburg Address). Also decorated with around about emancipation, unification, as well as a symbol of immortality and justice, fraternity and charity murals. In addition, the hall also displays some of the exhibits related to President Abraham Lincoln.

The lower hall of the museum theme Linken Fu Qi, is operated by students designed permanent exhibition room. · Wales by the ancient Zhu Lin ear (Jules Guerin) produced murals in allegorical way, skillfully express the theme emancipation and national re-unification.

Lincoln Memorial as one of America's most famous buildings, witnessed countless historic moment. The most famous is August 28, 1963, African-American leader Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial made his famous speech "I Have a Dream" (I Have a Dream).

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