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About University of New Hampshire

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University of New Hampshire University of New Hampshire was founded in 1866, is a public university. English Department University of discipline is the most famous, most people are studying Business Management. Well received discipline as well as engineering, applied science, history, biology, chemistry, health sciences, social sciences and hotel management. University of the newly constructed "Space Science and Engineering Center", attracted many students applying for graduate programs in science and engineering at the university. 8 University of New Hampshire colleges.

University of New Hampshire referred to as the UNH: UNH is a vibrant place: a land-, sea-, and space-grant university where undergraduate and graduate students engage in daily discovery and the intellectual excitement of doing research with their faculty mentors.

University of Durham, New Hampshire (Durham), Previn Plymouth (Plymouth), King (Keene), and around Manchester.

School Characteristics
University of New Hampshire has eight colleges, including: Engineering and Physical Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences and Agriculture, School of Continuing Education, Graduate School, Institute of health and service, Applied Science, Business and Economics College.
University of New Hampshire set up a variety of business school MBA programs, as well as Master of Accounting Master of Economics, Ph.D. in economics and other professionals. College for its outstanding teaching and research was rated the top 100 business schools in the United States.
MBA program has its own characteristics, by the AACSB accreditation, students can complete within one year MBA program. Students can choose areas of expertise include: Marketing and supply chain management; Entrepreneurship; financial management.
"U.S. News And World Report" On the University of New Hampshire for the three national universities, academic reputation ranked 107. "The New York Times" and "Yale University Daily Guide" along with three hundred chosen as the nation's best universities, even the best academic scores of the three stars.

Entry Requirements
TOEFL 570; like other famous universities in each early application deadline, February 1 will apply. The school has also set an "early application procedures", the candidate can 9 from 15 to December 1 days applying for the school to ensure that the January 15 notice to admit it or not. If the candidates in the SAT score above 1080 points, a great opportunity to get admission.

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