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The rule of name for Washington DC.

The streets of Washington, Columbia, are named after a simple, rambling American style. The whole city is divided into four areas: Northeast, northwest, Southeast and southwest by two axes. The center is the seat of the Capitol Hill, and all street naming rules are simply too simple to be illiterate. Just remember the following rules if you don't want to lose in washington.

1.all transverse streets are named after the letter, starting at the horizontal axis, from north to south, from the letter A to the letter W, and from south to north, also from A to W. In other words, there are two parallel C street, how to distinguish between the latter?.

2.the vertical streets are numbered by numbers. From the vertical axis, turn left, turn right, and turn 1 to infinity. Similarly, there will be two parallel 3 streets. the complement of the above two rules, which area does the street fall into and add the suffix of this area?. For example, C Street Northeast (D St. NE), or 3rd Street Southwest (3rd St. SW).

4.the above rules, a few exceptions, such as J street does not exist, I Street usually writing Eye street, Q street, usually writing Que street and so on.

5.apart from this, there are also several Avenue streets, such as the famous Pennsylvania Avenue (Peensylvania), which are usually taken after the president has sworn in.

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