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Do you know The Connecticut Children’s Museum?

Children need a place of their own that meets their need to experience the magic of the world, where they can play according to their preferences and pace. This place doesn't need to be too big or too luxurious, just to meet their needs. This place is the Connecticut Children's Museum.

The Connecticut Children's Museum, located in New Haven, aims to cultivate children's imagination and creativity through various interactive exhibitions. Through colorful exhibitions, children can communicate better with others. Interactive exhibits in the museum show the scientific knowledge of acoustics, air and sports, allowing children to learn the most common scientific knowledge and principles from the simplest exhibitions. In order to enable children to develop wisdom, imagination and environmental awareness, children can use recycled materials to make various things. Children can make candles, jewellery, books, knitting, blanket weaving, flower basket weaving and so on. This exhibition helps children deepen their knowledge of culture and art, develop their creativity, improve their ability of self-expression and interest in learning.

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