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Constitution State - Connecticut

Constitution State - Connecticut

Area: 12,973 square kilometers, out the forty-eighth place.
Population: 3,108,000 people, out twenty-four
State House: Hartford
Major Cities: Birdgeport, New Haven
State Flower: Mountain Gui
State bird: robin
State motto: He Who Transplanted Still Sustains

Connecticut name is derived from Indian languages, meaning "a river affected by tidal flows through the land," the "river of the land." 1614, a Dutch sailor, first into the Connecticut River. 1635, English people to the area before colonization. At that time, Indians in the state, about seven thousand. Most of them family, called the White Gua special family Bequot. In 1637, Englishman and the Aboriginal war. January 9, 1788 the old thirteen states in the United States is the fifth state. State alias "Constitution State"

The state's five major areas: Takenike, the Central Valley, Western New England Highlands, East New England Highlands, and Coastal Plain. Takenike area is located in the northwest corner of the state, Takenike Mountain (Taconic Mountains) are located. West of England covering the state of the western highlands, characterized by forests and rocky hills. Central Valley including plain and cliffs. East of England, including Cliff Rift Valley and Highland Hills. Gulf Coastal Plain is located in Long Island (Long Island Sound) the boundary is a narrow strip of land, on which there are beaches, bays and ports ﹑. Connecticut River through the middle of the state, is the longest river in New England. The state can be divided into 3 major regions: Western Highlands, the central lowlands (Connecticut Valley) and Eastern Highlands. Usually called Berkshire West Highland mountain, the terrain more severe ups and downs, the northwest corner of Mount Frissell is the state's highest point, elevation 725 meters. Narrow width of the south central lowland north, the border with Massachusetts, 20 miles wide, in the port city of New Haven near the narrowest. East high, height about 400 meters above sea level, slightly undulating, many rivers. Most of the river Thames to import, into Long Island Sound in New London.
Forest area accounts for 65% of the total area of ​​the state, almost all private forest. Mountain forests are mostly hardwood forest, mainly maple trees, beech, white oak, hickory, elm, poplar and birch and so on. White-tailed deer within the forest and the fox, rabbits and other animals.

Connecticut mild and rainy climate with four distinct seasons. The average winter temperature is slightly lower than 0 ℃, the average summer temperature is about 21-24 ℃, the average annual rainfall of 1092 mm. Northwest of the mountain areas of the state sometimes very cold. During the summer, the central region of the state is usually the highest temperature. Coastal areas due to a cool breeze in summer the temperature is more moderate, and sometimes between August-September of each year affected by the hurricane, but not serious. The state average temperature in central and coastal regions, the average temperature in July is 23 ℃, in January, compared with -3 ℃.

Can be divided into five geographic areas: Takenike, the Central Valley population census of 2003, Connecticut had 3,483,372 people. Than in 1990 grew 6%. Which
77.5% were white
9.4% Hispanic
9.1% were African American
2.4% are Asian-Americans
0.3% Aboriginal
2.2% mixed race
Residents in Connecticut ancestors, the Italian Americans (18.6%), followed by Irish (16.6%), British (10.3%), German (9.9%) and Poles (8.3%).
The total population, percentage of residents aged below 6.6%, 24.7% under the age of 18, 13.8% aged over 65. Women hold 51.6% of the whole population.

Important cities and towns

Connecticut, the proportion of the population of faith:
50% of Christians Roman Catholic
34% Protestant
1% Other Christian
3% Other Religions
6% Non-Religious
Protestants in Connecticut, the proportion of different faction, of which the Baptist was the highest (5%), followed by Episcopalian (4%) and Methodist (4%).

Connecticut is the six New England states in a state of industrial height. The 19th century known state to manufacture arms, has been called "the arms of the state," said. State population, although only three million, but its GDP, up more than seven billion U.S. dollars. Total number of workers employed about two-fifths of the state. Precision state level of industrial technology, workers are highly sophisticated technology. Mainly manufacture nuclear submarines, jet aircraft engines, helicopter engines, ball bearings, plastics, watches, electrical, electrical equipment and typewriter. Also produce thousands of industrial supplies the world market. The main products export market for Canada, Japan, Britain and Germany.
As Connecticut favorable conditions, world-class companies such as Xerox, GE, Uniroyal, United Technologies, Aetna, Hartford Financial Services, TOSCO, TENNECO and NEBCO EVANS headquarters are located in the state and other companies.
Agriculture in the economy is in a secondary position, are all milk and poultry for local consumption. Produced potatoes, corn and vegetables. The main cash crops are tobacco, for cigar use. State for the moraine soil area, the soil is rich in gravel. Primary minerals are sand, gravel and stone for construction. Known to produce oyster fishery, but later because of water pollution, reduced yields. As the maritime industry developed, and thus promote the vigorous development of the insurance industry, there are 106 insurance companies located in the state. Hartford is the capital of the U.S. headquarters of the regional insurance companies, 30 insurance companies headquartered here.

State attractions
American novelist and humorist Mark Twain's house, in Hartford City. Yale University Art Gallery and Peabody Museum, in New Haven. Barnum Museum in Bridgeport City. Port Museum of Connecticut History, in the Mystic Harbour.

Connecticut has many U.S. First: 1640 The first U.S. public high schools located; the first toll road was built; built the first American aboard 16 ships main guns Cromwell Road; first anesthetic; first located Ph.D. (Yale University); first telephone switchboard; first steamboat; first lollipops, hamburgers. 1639, founded the first state Basic FundamentalOrders, identify every citizen the right to vote. This Basic Law, has been recognized as a part of the world's oldest written constitution. October 10, 2008, Connecticut became the second nation, after Massachusetts, following the recognition of same-sex marriage area.
State Neihatefu ﹑ ﹑ New Haven New London Stamford ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ Norwalk and Waterbury have a Symphony Orchestra. In summer, the following are concert performances throughout: Music Mountain ﹑ Silv ermine Guild of Artists which located in New Canaan and Norfolk Music Shed. The state's professional theaters are: Eugene O'Neill Theater Foundation, Yale ﹑ ﹑ Theatre Long Wharf Theatre and Hartford Theatre. The state's museums include: Museum of Connecticut Hist ory, Wadsworth Atheneum, Mattatuck Museum, Bruce Museumand Peabody Museum, the Museum and Yale University has exchange relations.

Connecticut, about 25 universities and 15 community colleges. Important institutions of higher learning are: the famous Yale University, founded in 1701, in New Haven school site. Connecticut State University, built in 1881, the school based in the capital of east Storrs. Capital of the insurance industry and the Hartford School of Law; Farmington with Medical and Dental College. University of Bridgeport, was built in 1927, the school has been outstanding 76 years of teaching strength in the domestic and international reputation, in the latest edition of the annual list USNEWS2003 is listed as one of the most international universities. University:
Yale University
Wesleyan University
Albert Magnus College
Southern Connecticut State University
University of Bridgeport
Bridgeport Engineering Institute
SacredHeart University
Central Connecticut State University
Charter Oak College
Hartford Graduate Center
Trinity College
University of Connecticut
Connecticut College
Eastern Connecticut State University
Fairfield University
University of Hartford
St.Joseph College
University of NewHaven
Post College
Quinnipiac College
St.Alphonsus College
Western Connecticut State University

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