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Pepper is very important in the state of New Mexico

In New Mexico, when someone asks you "red or green?" Instead of asking about your favorite color, you ask whether you like red peppers or green peppers. Be sure to enjoy the local food here.

The finest green pepper in the country comes from the hatch village in southern Mexico. The annual labor day, the hatch village will hold the annual hatch Village Hot Pepper Festival, visitors can take this opportunity to have a good taste of the landmark food here.

Is the hot pepper festival every year in September 5 - 6, the western New Mexico city of Hatchie, to be held in the grand event.

The American chili experts gathered here during the American festival. Identification of the pepper, named best varieties, tissues of pepper cooking contest to select the best dishes, pepper and chili oil, pepper wine; award-winning food, oil and wine on the same day in the restaurant supply, and into the city of Hatchie "Pepper Festival recipes" to promote the country. A lunch reception will be held with domestic and foreign journalists, diners and visitors. More than 6000 people enjoy the festival's Chili dishes. There are also colorful cultural events. The old violin competition is divided into 3 groups according to age. The winner will receive a prize of $500. An exhibition and a speech contest will be held to enjoy the benefits of chili. The climax is the election of "Pepper Queen", is in addition to the meter, beauty, but also good at speaking, calm, versatile, rich spicy and other conditions.

Businessmen took advantage of the chili festival to make their fortune and sign a futures contract. The distance of farmers swarmed into town, and also sell sell pepper, watermelon, pumpkin, tomato, sugar cane, vegetables and other goods.

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