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New Mexico purchase BYD pure electric bus will earn $9 million 800 thousand

New Mexico opened a pure electric bus "buy buy buy" mode of purchasing 20 sets of BYD hinge type pure electric bus, also made 9 million 800 thousand dollars!

This batch of 20 buses will be used for the rapid transit line in Albuquerque city of New Mexico, and according to the mayor, Richard Berry, as early as last year, the municipal government has selected BYD as its clean bus strategic partner, now the first formal delivery, the remaining 19 will be delivered at the end of this year. "We were very careful in choosing the bus suppliers. Finally, we chose the BYD, because it can satisfy the financial demands of environmental protection and the city: not only zero emissions, can save considerable costs! "According to estimates, due to lower oil and electricity price and maintenance cost, in 8 to 10 years of life cycle, the pure electric bus fleet compared with diesel buses will save about 50% of the operating expenses of $9 million 800 thousand!
(from:Web 2017-8-17)
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