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United States, "hard work of the State" - Indiana

Indiana (Indiana - IN) is an east-north-central states. Northwest near Lake Michigan, north of Michigan, Ohio, east, west and Illinois. South across the Ohio River and Kentucky River. An area of ​​93,993 square kilometers, in 50 states ranked 38th. Population 6,313,520 (2006), in 50 states ranked 14th. 257 kilometers east to west, north to south and 451 km, rectangular. Capital of Indianapolis (Indianapolis).

Algonquian Indians in the early Iroquois, Potawatomi, Delaware and other tribes of the residence. Ohio River 安琪尔丘冈 archaeologists found the earliest inhabitants of the site. Half of the 18th century, Indians and British, U.S., France and other countries had a war between the white settlers for years. 1794, Indian tribes were forced to give up their ancestral east. 1816 joined the Union as the 19th state.

Statewide average height of 200 meters above sea level, the highest point of elevation of 383 meters, 95 meters above sea level the lowest point of the surface relatively flat. The topography of the slope from northeast to southwest in general. The highest point near the Ohio border in the east near the altitude of 392 meters; lowest point in the Wabash River and the confluence of the Ohio River, 95 meters above sea level. Wabash River, Ohio River and two tributaries of White River the flow of things, the form part of the Mississippi River. St. Joseph River winds north into Lake Michigan. Northern half of the lakes. Indiana University and Brown County in the surrounding area is near the state's most beautiful scenic places.

According to the state's landscape can be divided into three geographical areas: (1) northern shore lowlands. Sand dunes along Lake Michigan into a column, and the scenery beautiful. (2) the middle layer of glacial till plain as plain. Due to the Wabash River (wabash R.) the erosion of tributaries, there hilly shallow valley. (3) is a limestone area south of the ground significantly hill valley topography and erosion landforms such as caves, sinkholes, groundwater systems and spa. Ohio River shore more than hanging, the scenery magnificent. In addition to the Southern states have not been past the central hilly region covered by continental glaciers, erosion and deposition, the rest have all been covered by glaciers, leaving behind thick moraines.

Humid continental climate, four distinct seasons. January average temperature from the south down to Evansville for 2 ℃ Southborough North Bend -4 ℃; two of July the average temperature was 26 ℃ and 23 ℃. North and South annual precipitation, growing season and winter snow, significant differences in volume. 850 mm of annual precipitation to the south by the northern part of 1100 mm; the growing season of 160 days from the north to the south of 180 days; winter snow 1 meter deep from the north to the south by 0.5 m deep. Cold air mass north of the lake can absorb large amounts of water through the air, above the ground to the lake immediately south of the cold snow, snow depth can be buried cars on the road. In the year, the snow sometimes more than 6 months of the annual snowfall average of 508 mm or more.

The state economy, the quarrying sector accounted for an important position. Bedford - Bloomington, building stone quarries to provide the country's 2 / 3. Bituminous coal produced in the southwest is the largest in the state of commodities. 80 19th century, Indiana was the world's largest gas field, but now on the brink of depletion of resources, need to enter the natural gas pipeline from outside the state. 70 years of the 20th century, began the construction of the Indiana - Michigan Power Company's nuclear power installed capacity of 200 million kilowatts. Major industries include iron and steel, transport machinery, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, chemical, food, plastics, synthetic rubber and other industries. After 1850, the steel industry as the mainstay of the manufacturing sector has gradually become the main source of income within the state. The state produced by musical instruments and diamond grinding tools in the world market reputation. Crops are corn, soybeans, wheat. Live
stock industry to pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry-based, in recent years the number has increased considerably. Obtained from the cash income of agricultural markets close to first in the country.

Indiana State Capitol

Midwestern states of the state between the United States must pass through to become the crossroads of the Midwest. Highway connecting the city of Indianapolis than any other city in China more. The country's largest transportation company in six has three headquarters in the city. Calculated per square kilometer area of ​​the length of the road, ranking fifth in the country. Up to 10,500 km railway lines. There are 130 airports. North shore of Lake Michigan, Indiana, Ohio River south coast, with convenient water transport, and indeed the Illinois competition.

Advanced education, 74 colleges and universities. Indiana University created the first university, founded in 1824, the campus in the capital of southwest Bloomington. Purdue University was established in 1874, there are 40,000 students on campus in the capital of northwest West Lafayette.

Alias ​​"hard work of the State" (Goosier state), calling themselves the "Crossroads." The state bird is the cardinal (Cardinal). State tree is the North American Lily Tree (Tulip poplar). State flower is the peony flower (Peony).

July 24, 1987, with China's Zhejiang Province, the state concluded a friendship.

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