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Red rocks in Moab

Red rocks in Moab

The Moab can easily reach thousands of square kilometers of the staggering Hongyan landscape, so here is the photographer's paradise. You can watch the sunrise in the low-lying Canyonlands National Park, and then follow the sun, to the Arches National Park (Arches National Park) otherworldly Hongyan landscape appreciate its perfect curtain call.

Moab red rock, petrified sand dunes attracted from all over the world. Off-road enthusiasts and mountain bike enthusiasts rolled up the first wave of entertainment, but now, there are hundreds of off-road vehicles, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, bouldering and Grand Canyon Adventure attractions for all visitors, from main street Moab plain happiness only a few steps. Taking advantage of the geographical advantages of a number of top national parks, Moab is also a pleasant desert exploration base.

Moab is a memorable family outings where it has a scenic bikeway and gentle Colorado River kayaking tours, guided tours of the canyon and the dinosaur park etc.. Many state and state parks in Moab will also offer hiking, explaining, and Commentary Programs for children.

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