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Ohio’s capital: Columbus

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Ohio's capital: Columbus

Columbus is the Ohio state capital, which in 1812 built the city, located in Sai Aotuo Aolantengji River River and meeting place. Began in 1816, is from the Ohio state capital of Columbus.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 statistics, Columbus had 711,470 inhabitants, accounting for 67.93% of them white, accounting for 24.47% African American, Asian-Americans account for 3.44%, is the largest city in Ohio and the United States 15 cities. Urban population in 2005 is estimated to grow to 730,657. In 2005 the total population of the Columbus metropolitan area is estimated at 1,708,625 [2], ranking third in Ohio (after Cleveland and Cincinnati), ranked 31 in the U.S. .
Columbus is almost the geographical center of Ohio, Franklin County it is located, but it also extends parts of the city Hua county and Ru Tela Fairfield County.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau Columbus area of ​​550.5 square kilometers, of which 544.6 square km is land area of ​​5.9 square kilometers is water. And other cities in the Midwest are still different in the fast Columbus and the surrounding towns through the merger of expansion. It is the Midwest area and population in the most rapidly growing city. And Cleveland and Cincinnati suburb compared to the surrounding city of Columbus is relatively small. Beginning in the 1950s from the surrounding towns in order to obtain water and wastewater services Columbus condition is combined with Columbus. Columbus, this policy has greatly promoted the economic development role.
Saiao Tuo River and Aolantengji meeting place on the river west of downtown Columbus. Also in the Columbus metropolitan area there are still some small tributary. Columbus relatively flat terrain in general. In most parts of Ohio, Wisconsin ice age by a glacier, but there is still a lot of the river near the hilly terrain. Columbus area is humid continental climate, hot in summer and winter cold. The maximum temperature record for the 41 ° C (1934 年 7 21 and July 14, 1936), minimum temperature recorded as -30 ° C (1994 年 1 19). Deciduous trees are more at the local, including maple, oak trees, oak, walnut, walnut and poplar trees.

Columbus has some very special city. In the northern city has many art galleries, restaurants, hotels and special shops, in the vicinity of this area there are many decorative luxurious Victorian building, known as the City of Victoria. In the south German city has many 19th-century brick building, the area is registered in the United States National Historic largest privately-funded historically. Franklin is west of downtown Columbus, the oldest urban areas. The area below the Saiao Tuo River in many parts of the river with Aolantengji River. These areas must rely on the dam to prevent the commission of the flood.
Semester at Ohio State University campus area there are many college students, many of the old building was converted into a students apartment. There are many local demand for services specifically for college students snack bar, bookstore and more.

Columbus, according to the 2000 census there are 711,470 people resident, points 301,534 households and 165,240 families. The population density was 1,306.4 people / km ². 67.93% of the residents are white, 24.47% were African American, 0.29% are Native American people, 3.44% are Asian, 0.05% from the Pacific Islands, 1.17% from other sources, 2.65% of half-breed. 2.46% of the people are Spanish or Latin American descent.
28.0% of the 301,534 households with minors under the age of 18, 36.1% were married couples, 14.5% of minors with women without husbands, 45.2% were family. 34.1% of households are single, 7.0% of the households in the 65 years of age or older. The average household contains 2.30 people, the average household has 3.01 people.
Age distribution of the public as follows: 24.2% of people under 18, 14.0% of people between the ages of 18 and 24, 35.1% of people between the ages of 25 and 44, 17.9% of people aged 45 and 64 , the 8.9% of people aged over 65. The average age was 31 years old. The sex ratio of women than men over the age of the person 100:94.6,18 sex ratio was 100:91.9.
37,897 average household income of the city dollars, the average family income of 47,391 dollars. The average income of 35,138 men, U.S., women's average income 28,705 dollars. Per capita income for the 20,450 members of the public dollars. About 10.8% of households, 14.8% of the people living below the poverty line. Minors under the age of 18, 18.7% live below the poverty line, over the age of 65, 10.9% live below the poverty line.
As from Latin America, Africa and Asia a large number of immigrants entering the population in central Ohio, great changes rapidly. Combined with relatively low speed, all people to establish their own area. This phenomenon of social institutions, especially publicly funded schools and public health settings exerted tremendous pressure.

Several U.S. national and global company headquartered in Columbus. National Mutual Insurance Company is headquartered in the northern city, composed by a number of storeys. Retailer Limited Brands, the company's headquarters is located in west of the city. Worthington Industries steel company based in the north of the city. The two fast-food chain based in Columbus: Wendy's and White Castle. The first Wendy's restaurant is still operating in downtown Columbus, but it is a museum. Cardinal Health, based in northwest suburban areas. Alberta Crown and the fees than the district headquarters in the northeast suburbs. Sterling Commerce is based in the northwest suburb of Columbus.
Other large companies in the Columbus area has important base. Honda has two auto plants here, one of which is Honda's first U.S. plant opened. First American Bank's headquarters in Columbus the past, today there are still a large base. JP Morgan Chase in Columbus also has a major base. Budweiser beer in Columbus, the North has a large brewery. Maikelaoxi children in the city has a large office. United Parcel Service in the City West has a large distribution center.
Chemical Abstracts Service in Columbus, the Columbus is the world's most important scientific information distribution center. Battle Academy is also located in Columbus.
Columbus is the demographic composition of the miscellaneous income of distinction is very large, the city also has the city, suburban and rural residents near, so many people of Columbus as a "typical" American city. Many retailers and chain stores to test new products in this effect.

Ohio State University campus in Columbus, the largest U.S. university campus. Other universities, including Columbia Columbus State Community College, Franklin University, Ohio Dominican University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio Wesleyan University, Capital University, Denison University, Elliott School and bein DeVry University.
Columbus Public Education is primarily a nursery with 12 school year. Admission for each urban area a wide range, sometimes in the same area from different schools enrollment. In addition the city also has some special public school, do not follow the order of 12 academic year. There are some well-known city private schools.
Columbus, the history of public education in the United States have more than one for the first time. Columbus opened the first American kindergarten in 1909 from the Office of the United States, the first high school to help students transition between primary school to university changes (when only 48% of students continue to learn after grade 9).
In 1977 the federal court in Columbus public schools are too uneven distribution of different races, the city is obliged to white students assigned to a predominantly black school. This decision led many whites to leave Columbus, moved to the outskirts of suburban schools has been making tremendous pressure, while the city center and the impoverishment of black people than in the past, students often lack the center of the school, building repairs, and suburban schools had to add teachers and buildings. This problem continues today.
Columbus Public Schools has absorbed many immigrant children, many of them from Latin America, but there are also many refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

Ohio House began construction in 1839, and its land was donated Columbus landowners (about forty thousand square meters). Building is built by the local limestone, the ground five meters deep. It is reported that the foundation is mainly masons work and prison labor to do.
Columbus Museum of Art opened in 1931, the exhibits focus on early modernism in Europe and the U.S. role. Saiao Tuo River in honor of the Virgin Mary such as Christopher Columbus discovered America 500 years erected. Columbus also has a science museum and a museum of the Ohio Historical Society.
Ohio Historical Society and Museum, the headquarters of the Ohio Historical Center is located six kilometers north of the city center.
Columbus Metropolitan Library is the leading American library
Franklin Park Conservatory is a beautiful Victorian greenhouse.
World-famous Columbus Zoo.
Columbus is the tallest building in the state of Rhodes, 41 floor office building, which is based in Ohio, a former mayor and long-named.

Sister Cities
Columbus has seven sister cities, the first one is Genoa, Italy, in 1955 as sister cities. Genoa, Columbus was presented to the Columbus statue of a giant, and today the statue is located in the former Municipal Services Building, Columbus.
- Dresden, Germany
- Genoa, Italy
- Republic of China, Hefei
- Israel, Herzliya
- Odense
- Seville, Spain
- Tainan, Taiwan
- Wuhan, People's Republic of China

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