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The Quaker State - Pennsylvania

The Quaker State - Pennsylvania

State animal: White-tailed deer
State beverage: Milk
State bird: chicken shawl
State Capital: Harrisburg
Largest cities: Philadelphia
State Dog: Great Dane
State fish: brook trout
State Flower: mountain laurel
State Insect: Firefly
State song: Pennsylvania
State Tree: Hemlock
Alias: The Quaker State
Motto: Virtue, liberty and independence

Pennsylvania, formally known as the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania", commonly known as "milestone" state. Chinese referred to as Pennsylvania.
Is the name of the state of British immigrants from the William Penn, is Latin, meaning "Penn's woodland." The two largest cities in the state is the United States cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, when the American War of Independence Declaration of Independence and the drafting of the Constitution of the Commonwealth, so Pennsylvania is also known as "the cradle of the United States," Pittsburgh was once known steel city.

Major Cities
Philadelphia (the capital of the United States during the War of Independence)
Pittsburgh (Steel City, leading the United States)
State College (Penn State University's main campus is located here, is the center of Pennsylvania, the two diagonal corners of the intersection)
Scranton-Wilkes Barre
American Civil War, the most crucial battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania took place, at the expense of the soldiers buried in the cell Gettysburg National Cemetery, the cemetery is President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Adams shortest Fort speech areas.

Pennsylvania's nickname as the Keystone State, this nickname is a very apt description, as he connected in the North and South America, central and western coastal areas in the middle of traffic. Northwest of Lake Erie, west is the Appalachian Mountains, and adjacent to Ohio, West Virginia, then southwest, east coast of New Jersey and was again separated from its New York State in the north to the northeast, southeast Delaware Washington State, south to Maryland.

Before the arrival of European immigrants, where the home to several Indian tribes. In 1643 the first migration in the south of Sweden (now near Philadelphia) settlement, known as "the new Sweden." In 1655 the Dutch beat the Swedes controlled the land. 1664 Duke of York, England beat the Dutch, became a British colony.
King Charles II of England need to pay to his friend, William Penn's father, the British aristocracy (Admiral) sixteen thousand pounds of debt (mainly treasury arrears to his salary and loans). Request to the British King William the land. April 4, 1681, Charles II issued a charter, this land to William Penn sealed in order to cover the debt, and here the name "Bin." William lord system established pursuant to the local North American British colony. William Penn named "Xi Fa Niya" (meaning forest), so called Pennsylvania. Because Quakers believe and not believe Anglican Church of England, William had been expelled from Oxford University. Then the other colonies in Europe and the UK are not religious belief. William hopes by Quaker ideals, a place where religious and political freedom. When he was governor of what not to reserve for themselves the right to claim that "will allow people to develop their own laws." Therefore Pennsylvania was the first North American British colony to allow freedom of religious belief. Many European Christians persecuted Quaker immigrants to this. Quakers claim that all Christians should be like a brotherly love, against war, against the honorific title, against the oath. (So ​​the United States Constitution requires an oath in all places keep a "swear or confirm"; as testimony in court when the Quaker church does not say, "I swear all of the testimony of truth", but will say "I'm sure."
Pennsylvania has therefore become a very liberal North American colonies. All power belongs to Parliament. To this end, the colony did not bring any benefits to William, but his debt. 1701, William returned to England and imprisoned. Pennsylvania did not offer him financial assistance. The three counties which form the new independent state out of Delaware. William died in 1718. Pennsylvania and Delaware to become the vanguard of the North American War of Independence. The first Delaware, Pennsylvania, the second recognition of the Federal Constitution, to join America. The two colonial history of religion is the most liberal of the North American colonies. But the Jews or other religious believers and non-Christian religious believers are still subject to discrimination. Established until after the U.S. established the policy of secularism and religious freedom, the situation was improving.
In the 19th century and early 20th century, Pennsylvania's oil, coal, steel and other heavy industry developed rapidly, absorbing many immigrants, the population grew rapidly. The late 20th century, Pennsylvania industry began to decline.

Pennsylvania countryside of Pennsylvania in 2010 GDP was 380 billion U.S. dollars, ranking fifth in the United States in 2000, per capita income of 29,539 dollars, ranking tenth the United States. Agricultural products, mainly cattle, pigs, poultry, dairy products, mushrooms, hay and nursery stock, industrial products are mainly food processing, chemical products, machinery, electronics and tourism. Second only to coal production in West Virginia, Pittsburgh is the nation's largest steel producing region. Well-known companies U.S. Steel, Rite Aid, AmerisourceBergen, Lincoln National, Sunoco, Comcast and so on in the state.

Pennsylvania - Culture
Philadelphia Museum of Pittsburgh, including: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Arts Alliance, Barnes Museum, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Other museums in the state include: the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Rick Buddha Art Museum, and the Fort Pitt Museum; in Haley's State Museum and Science Fort Discovery Museum; located near Lancaster, Penn State Agricultural Museum; located near the Pennsylvania Military Museum Boalsburg; and the Canal Museum in Easton.
Performing arts organizations in Philadelphia are: the Philadelphia Orchestra, Philadelphia pop band, Philadelphia Opera House, and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Pittsburgh's famous performing groups include: the Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh Opera, and breathed the City Theatre. In addition, Harry has a symphony orchestra Fort and two choirs.

Lehigh University
Carnegie Mellon University
Drexel University
University of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania State University
University of Pittsburgh
Temple University
Villanova University
Bucknell University
Bryn Mawr College
Dickinson College
Duquesne University
Franklin and Marshall College
Haverford College
La Salle College
Lafayette College
Robert Morris College
St. Joseph's College
Swarthmore College
Widener College

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